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Can I submit an image that I have already published?

Usually, and certainly if you have modified the image somehow. All open access journals allow the author to retain copyright over their images, as do many other scientific journals as well. If this is the case, then you are set to go. If you are still unclear or have any concerns, you should contact the specific journal in question. If you have signed away the copyright for your images, you can ask the journal directly for use permission, submit a different version or substantially modify it (crop, remove text, add/remove color, etc.). Under no circumstances can you submit images created by the journal’s art team.

Can I submit an image that I intend to publish in the future?

Posting your image on SciKu should not affect future publishing, unless you upload your entire manuscript. If you are concerned about prior disclosure, modify your image (crop, remove text, add/remove color, etc.) and do not submit too much explanatory text. If you have questions about specific journals or want more info about how to contact editors, let us know and we can help walk you through it. In the unlikely event of a copyright issue with an image you have submitted or plan to submit to a scientific journal, we will happily remove it.

Do I retain copyright over my image?

Yes! You are the copyright holder and, as such, can ask us to take your image off the site at any time.