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SciKu is an online gallery of art created by scientists, intentionally or not, in the course of their research. Scientists submit their work, which is curated by a board of scientists, artists and science-art appreciators. Any scientist can submit their art, along with a pithy haiku describing their work. The art can be appreciated on its own merit, or used as an entry point to learn more about the science behind it. Because art looks better on your wall than your computer screen, we will soon by adding a feature allowing you to purchase your favourite works as high-quality prints (with permission of the artist). All the proceeds will go to grassroots non-profits that engage in work broadly informed by science, such as providing malaria nets, clean water systems and HIV/AIDS education.

What is a SciKu?

A SciKu is an egregious perversion of the traditional Japanese poetry form. SciKus on this site consist of a three-line poem (lines of 3, 5 and 7 syllables (up to 17 total) in any order) accompanied by a scientific image. The images may come directly from scientific research, or may be abstracted, cropped or otherwise modified to enhance their artistic value. Scientists may submit images without poetry, and our poet in residence will supply the words. Brief scientific abstracts or links to articles are appreciated and may be posted along with your art.

Why should I submit my work?

-become a tiny bit famous
-publicize your work and raise awareness about the science that gets you revved
-have something to share with people who don’t know/care about science
-be good to the world: when people can buy your prints, the money will be donated to worthy non-profits
-you’re producing them anyway so why not?
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